When is the Right Time to Re-Roof Your Home?

When is the Right Time to Re-Roof Your Home?

Written by Scott Geesey

When is the Right Time to Re-Roof Your Home?
Is water leaking in your attic? Do you get high utility bills even during the summer? Most of us don’t give a second thought to our roofs. But it’s what protects us from weather elements and keeps our family cozy. According to HomeAdvisor, the average repair costs can go up to $1,649. And if you aren’t careful, you may have to shell out over $8,000 to replace your roof. Re-roofing your home at the right time can help prevent burning a hole in your pockets. So, what are the tell-tale signs to re-roof your house?

Is Water Leaking from Your Roof?
The most evident sign of a damaged roof is water leaks. Moisture from rain and snow seeps through cracks and openings to reach your walls, ceilings, and attics. If you spot any moisture or accumulation of water in these areas, the time may have come for re-roofing. Else, you may have to pay anything from $350 to over $1,000 to repair any damage caused by water.

What if you Can’t Find a Few of Your Shingles?
Missing shingles are a sure shot sign that your roof is not at its best. Over time, your roof may lose more shingles and let in rain and snow. In addition, pests and rodents may find their way into your attic and home. Apart from missing shingles, cracked tiles and roofing materials may also cause concern. Additionally, your shingles are in poor condition if they appear bouncy. That is a sign of moisture trapped inside the shingles.

Should Your Replace All Shingles?
You may go for replacement if you have a few missing shingles. However, other shingles may be cracked or damaged but not visible from the outside. Additionally, your shingles may have reached the end of their lifespan. As a result, it may be better to re-roof your home for complete peace of mind.

What about Moss, Mold, and Fungi?
Trapped moisture can make your roof a chronic patient. It will damage your shingles over time and take over your building materials. Moss can easily affect the structural integrity of your building, which can result in costly repairs. Be wary if you see mold or moss growing on your roof. Proper roof maintenance and taking the right steps at the right time can help. However, if you see a significant portion of your roof covered in moss, go for an inspection. You may even need to re-roof your residence if the roof is damaged.

When Should You Re-Roof Your Home?
Re-roofing during early summers is a good idea since the temperature isn’t that high, and you may be able to get more roofers. You may even want to do this during the fall. Your roof’s age plays a factor too when it comes to replacing it. For instance, old-style asphalt shingle roofs may need a replacement after around 15 years. On average, you will need re-roofing every 18-20 years.

Final Thoughts
A damaged roof can lead to countless consequences that impact your health. You may need to re-roof your home if you spot missing shingles, moss, mold, and cracks on your roof. Contact us for an inspection and complete roofing solution in Delaware. Our team is here to attend to your needs.

Published: April 22, 2022